“I contacted Jojo when my online business reached a plateau. Wasn’t able to make people aware of my services, couldn’t get any clients to see my work and couldn’t pass on my message and pursue my mission.

My initial online strategy and structure was failing over and over again so I decided to get in touch with a person who has already helped online professionals successfully with proven results.

Jojo was amazing from day 0. She helped me build my online program, and taught me how to promote and sell it step by step. I couldn’t believe my eyes when people suddenly started noticing my business and actually came to me for coaching. My whole experience with Jojo was a breakthrough. If you are looking to hire a coach or start a business, do it with Jojo. She knows how to get you from 0K to 5K instantly. My results were instant and my income tripled in 3 months.

In 10 months, I have experienced a few 5K, 10K and finally a 20K month. All these happened in less than a year!

Some of you might be thinking of working with JoJo, all i want to say is DO IT even if you are not entirely sure if you can afford it right now. I could barely afford it when i joined, but i did it anyway! The ROI is massive and i couldn't have done it without the weekly support i get from JoJo.

I feel confident that her solid strategy will keep getting me contracts and clients. Most importantly my message and life purpose are finally fulfilled.

Thank you JoJo for helping me creating the business of my dreams as a Personal & Professional Development Coach”

Virginia Georgiou

“Before working with Jojo I was struggling with my content - although I had been coaching for years I had only recently joined social media so found that aspect of it really overwhelming. During my time with her I learnt so much about marketing, the psychology of sales and how to incorporate storytelling into my copy. After 2 months I made £5k from a single post (a cold lead who said they read it and ‘had’ to work with me as I’d described their feelings exactly). I later had my best week ever in business to that point, with £9k in sales.

Jojo really keeps things simple and in focus. She is extremely supportive on coaching calls and inbetween - you really feel she has your back!”

Emma Lou Parkes

“Before working with JoJo I was struggling with a number of things. Although I had been a successful Coach for almost 20 years in the corporate world, I had absolutely no idea how to bring my business online.

Being in my mid 50s I struggled massively with branding, marketing, social media, getting visible and I hadn’t a clue about funnels & landing pages !

When I first had my Discovery Call with JoJo we instantly connected and she made feel at ease. I knew right there & then that she understood me & my challenges and working with her would get me the results I so desperately wanted. I haven’t looked back since.

When we first started out I was finding it really difficult to attract my ideal clients & I was charging the most ridiculous low prices for my coaching. JoJo worked with me to create my signature programme & gave me the confidence & skills to finally put myself out there and charge my worth.

Within the first month of working together I signed 3 brand new clients, I earned more in that first month than I had ever earned in one month in my life & that was just the beginning.

I’ve continued to work with JoJo for over 12 months now & without her continued support, belief & encouragement I know for sure I would not have seen a fraction of the success I enjoy now today.

Consistent £5k months are now the norm for me (I never, ever thought I could say that), my 1:1 Programme has been fully booked out now for the past few months, I easily and effortlessly attract the most amazing clients & new opportunities appear all of the time.

The value & support JoJo offers both in her 1:1 and Mastermind Programmes is invaluable.

Investing in JoJo has been the best business investment I have ever made. I can’t thank her enough for teaching me skills & giving me the confidence and self belief to get out there & create an incredible living by following my passion and purpose.

I cannot recommend highly enough working with JoJo as a Coach & Mentor. As well as being professional, talented & an expert in her field, JoJo is the most genuine, beautiful soul both inside and out.”

Marie Teevan

“Before I worked with JoJo, I was struggling with a structure in my message. I knew what I wanted to do and how I could help my clients but I needed a solid structure on HOW I could reach them and how to offer what I did. Everything felt a bit clunky and not in alignment with my values.

Being on JoJo’s course gave me a structure and system that I could implement into my business that felt totally in alignment with my values and my purpose in helping people recover from narcissistic abuse after divorce or breakup. I’m dealing with vulnerable people and I needed to feel comfortable with what I was offering and I wanted to over deliver to my clients but still run a business. The course has been great in me getting that and the support has been incredible.

I wasn’t expecting to hit £5k in my first full month of business as my goal was to get a solid structure but the fact that I did, and am helping some incredible women now move forward with confidence and passion but in total alignment to me is incredible.

I now have a system in place that I can build on moving forward in my business. The course gave me the content and tweaks in my business to enable me to move forward in helping more people yet still have a successful business.

Thank you JoJo”

Caroline Strawson

“Before I worked with JoJo, I was struggling with consistency and automations in my business. I realised through speaking with her that there was a deeper issue at root of my problems: I wasn't serving the people I wanted to help. I had niched into an area that no longer fitted me, and I didn't know how to go about changing without investing thousands of pounds.
JoJo helped me work out how to do that, quickly and with confidence. With her help I integrated various new processes into my business model, moving away solely from membership and creating high end packages and group coaching programmes. This has had major implications for my business, as it means I am free to focus solely on building the community that I wish to serve and grow. It means that I've been able to zero in on what I focus on providing, and I've learnt some simple, effective strategies for when I reveal content and information to my audience.
The result is that I have more ways to bring in income, I'm speaking about what matters most to me, so content creation is easier, and I've brought in thousands of pounds of extra business in a few short months. If you are drawn to work with JoJo, trust your instinct and go for it.”

Anna Parker-Naples

“I was about to relaunch my new brand and decided I would like support on the month of launch. Despite having 2 decades of experience as a business woman, I know how important having other successful people around you is. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Having met JoJo at an event the month beforehand, and having felt an instant connection with her , I began following her and loved her energy and content: I knew JoJo would be a great second pair of eyes on my business as I relaunched.

As Jojo reminded me - we can’t see the picture when we are standing in the frame. I truly believe in having support which is why even with all my experience in business I still invest in my own.

The first call we both almost wet ourselves as she repeated back to me verbatim what I had said to her, and together we decided that had to be my authentic coming out post for my relaunch !

Feeling aligned to my message, owning my super powers and being my authentic self , with JoJo to supporting me over my relaunch I have had my largest month ever in my business coaching practice signing dream soul mate clients and I hit £17k this month.

Working with Jo jo was so much fun, I felt like I was working with a friend. We had laughs whilst doing business! Jo jo is fab, if you are thinking of working with her do it!

Claire Stansfield

“Before I worked with JoJo I was struggling with how to connect with my audience in a way that allowed me to move from offering free content and value to converting enquiries and engagement into clients who wanted to buy from me. I was also struggling with mindset blocks from sharing my personal story.

My biggest breakthrough was putting processes in place that allowed me to find out what my clients pain points were, and gave me ways to capture this information, engage with them and work with them. The discovery call was the biggest win for me. It takes an average of 7 hours to connect with someone and after my clients engaging with me through my Facebook group I needed a way for them to reach me easily and in a way that enabled me them to control when I spoke to them and how my services could help them with their pain points and challenges. Such an easy process but one that’s changed the way I work.

I’ve moved from a business of serving one to one to serving one of many. This has helped me get closer to my mission of helping 1000 women to be more financially confident, helping them get more financially organised in life & helping them be accountable for their financial goals. It’s also helped me create a better work life balance as an entrepreneur.”

Catherine Morgan

“Before working with JoJo I had spent the last 8 months setting up my coaching and mentoring business. Figuring out the tech piece as well as who I could best serve. I had amazing clients I was working with But I'd had a launch that had failed because I wasn't totally aligned with it (Too busy watching what others were doing) and I couldn't see how I could fit the 10K a month I'd set as my goal.

What I love about JoJo is her calm approach which is part of her nature. What you see is what you get which means I stopped running at everything with anxiety and instead we worked through a plan she had experience of and tweaked it to fit my personality as well as the goals I had. It's helped me see that anything is possible, a one dimensional approach doesn't fit everyone and that is why she's so successful because she focuses on what will work for you, which has resulted in me hitting my first month not of 10K but £12.5k! It felt easy, it flowed and it wasn't a push. I know she's the right person to help me achieve my goals.”

Melanie Brooks

“Before working with Jojo, my biggest problem were getting consistent clients. I wanted consistency and predictability in my business. I was raring to be consistent! But I didn’t know what IN. I was posting on social media - ad hoc. I wasn’t getting responses and I wasn’t getting clients off social media, although I was there all time. I wasn’t operating from a business mind. I wasn’t strong in my convictions with my business because I wasn’t sure what I was doing was right. I knew my coaching changes lives, but I didn’t know how to get in front of the right people! I didn’t have structure! I felt lost, drifting and frustrated.
I realised whilst I’m blessed to be a life coach who transforms lives daily, I wasn’t yet equipped with being the tools and skills of business. From our first session I got CLARITY! She made me see it’s actually super simple. Create an action plan, do it, and adapt along the way! I had a million things I wanted to do (podcast, blog, vlog, app, book) and was overwhelming myself. She took so much off my plate and left me with simple, actionable and FUN things to do! I now have a content strategy to follow so I’m not stressed. She helped me unravel some mindset issues around consistency, action taking and the fear surrounding it. Now I’m taking committed action daily and seeing the results!
My goal was to create my first £5k month, and after only 2 months I did it! I opened up a FB Group which had been terrifying me. I raised my prices and it felt GOOD and RIGHT. I have structures that I actually love because I don’t have to THINK about it. It’s just rinse and repeat - see results! I love you Jojo! Thank you so much for everything!”

Clee Stacy

“I connected with JoJo immediately. The way she talked directly to my situation on social media, I felt I knew her before we have even spoken. From my initial conversation with JoJo, I saw immediately how generous she was with her time and how much value she had to offer. I wasn't new to my business, but something was clicking, and I needed someone who understood me and JoJo did that to a T.

I was going half in on my business - fearful that I might not be doing things "right". I was confused about what direction I wanted to go in, and I didn't know how to price my value.

JoJo filled me with confidence that I have a lot of offer, and that I could finally embrace what I always wanted to do, but didn't admit it to myself. I pivoted my business, I became clear on my offer, I sold my program. JoJo also helped me navigate and win a large contract. Before working with JoJo, I would have settled for an hourly rate, but from our time together we created a package for my time.

By packaging up my value (not time) I brought a new client onboard and £36,000, which I sold without actually having to "sell". This has given me a consistent income, and a brilliant client who I love working with, as well as other clients on different mentoring packages.

JoJo has also shown me how anything if possible. her grit and determination for her own business and the business of her clients is amazing. She was (and continues to be) supportive, motivational, and in my corner. I loved working with JoJo and thank her so much for giving me a boost when I needed it.

Skye Blanchard