How To Manage Your Time And Work Smarter As An Online Entrepreneur

To sustain a successful business and balance home life you need to be as organised as you possibly can. As a multi 6 figure Entrepreneur and single Mum of a 4 year old, I know this all too well. 

The secret to staying organised for me is creating daily non negotiables within the chaos and automating as many things as I can, as well as playing to my strengths by hiring help!

It can be hard to stick to a routine when juggling work and family so I find it easier to have non-negotiables for the day that I set out the evening before (a bit like a to-do list, although this is solely for the ‘must-dos’ so the list is usually pretty short) I usually write out around 5 things on this list before bed so I know exactly what I need to get done the next day.

If you find yourself repeating yourself over and over to multiple people 1:1, eventually you will reach capacity. Make a list of FAQ and record the answers. Package it up and you can sell the solution to many. Create once, help the masses! We do this in our membership and group offers and we leverage our time!

Automation also plays a big part in keeping organised. Why do the work that technology can do for us? There are countless forms of software you can utilise to automate things like your emails, tasks, and payments. By eliminating tasks like these, you’re able to focus your energy on more important work decisions and minimise time drainers! I have systems in place in my business which means I don’t have to physically do things. My google calendar is linked up to calendar systems for clients to book in, I have marketing turned on that generates leads for me and I pre-schedule as much as I can where I can.

Learning from mentors also saves time! You can do it the long, hard and confusing way, or the short, easier and simple way. When you work with a mentor they can help you avoid the mistakes they made and give you an exact blueprint to follow. I’ve had mentors for almost 4 years now and I am also a guide for my clients.

Finally I only play to my strengths and delegate what I can. You need to stick to your zone of genius. If you can, outsource tasks to others so you aren’t filling your days with meaningless things to do. An hour spent doing admin could be an hour serving your people! What’s an hour of your time worth? Do the math! 

The main thing is not to sweat the small stuff and keep perspective. Not everything will go to plan but if you stick to those things and focus on being present with your family and what’s important when you’re not working, then that is success!

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